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FAQ about Microwear X2

1. Why my X2/X3 App Fundo can not connect with my phone via Bluetooth?

    Make sure that your phone is above Android 4.4 , considering your phone's Compatibility, you also need to Open GPS  When you connecting X2 /X3 with fundo App

2. Could I change the straps of X2 /X3 ?

  Yes, you could change the straps.

3.  How to set languages directly at X2/X3 , could time set 12/24 hours format ?

 You can not set the language at the X2/X3, you need to use sports app fundo/ gloryfit to connect

X2/X3 with your phone via Bluetooth , then bracelet time will changed as your phones.

If you want 12/24 hours format, change your phone as 12/24 hours , then smart braclet time will show as phone.

4. How can I upgrade X2/X3 firmware ?

  You can directly upgrade X2 firmware at Fundo App,  here is the steps.


  If you have other questions, please send msg to support@microweartech.com

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